Meet our DeSales Teachers! Mrs. Linda Crofts, 3rd Grade

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Meet our DeSales Teachers! Mrs. Linda Crofts, 3rd Grade

Meet our DeSales Teachers! Mrs. Linda Crofts, 3rd Grade

Author: Kim Knuutila/Monday, April 26, 2021/Categories: School News

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Meet our Teachers! This week, we are so happy to introduce you to 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Linda Crofts!

Mrs. Crofts and her husband Jerry love spending time with their 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren.  She also enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking, and beach-glassing.  Mrs. Crofts enjoys traveling and is planning a cross country camping trip when she retires.  She wants to see more of our amazing country!

Choosing education as a profession: “When I was a junior in high school I spent one period each day volunteering in an elementary class.  The teacher of that class was so caring and I enjoyed working with that class so much that I knew that is what I wanted to do as a career. “

 Favorite Classroom Lesson:  “The Break-Out Box!  It’s like an escape room but the students have to break codes, solve puzzles, and perform math operations to figure out combinations to unlock a box.  It is a favorite activity for the students and I love seeing them work their way through the brain teasers.”

 What do you like about teaching at DeSales: “DeSales has been blessed with many very supportive parents.  Educating a child is definitely a joint venture between teachers and parents and over the years I have been amazed at how responsive most parents are.  DeSales counts on parent support to do everything from being recess parents to raising money for special projects and they always come through. “

 Favorite food: “My husband makes the best breaded fish dinner-it is delicious ...and I don’t have to cook it!”

 Favorite quote: “If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table, and a roof over your head, you are richer than you think. “


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