Meet our DeSales Teachers! Mrs. Heather Neuberger, 3rd Grade

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Meet our DeSales Teachers! Mrs. Heather Neuberger, 3rd Grade

Meet our DeSales Teachers! Mrs. Heather Neuberger, 3rd Grade

Author: Kim Knuutila/Monday, May 3, 2021/Categories: School News

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Meet our Teachers! This week, we are so happy to introduce you to 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Heather Lewis.

Mrs. Lewis enjoys traveling, sailing and playing ice-hockey!  She also has a passion for baking (especially cupcakes) and reading.   Mrs. Lewis is newly married to husband Gabe.  They share two dogs; a Black Lab named Luna and a German Shepherd named Draco. They also have two cats: Bene and Sale.   Mrs. Lewis is currently a graduate student at Buffalo State.  She will receive her Masters in Literacy Instruction this summer. Some of her favorite things (besides her students) include otters, the color blue, and all things Disney.

Choosing education as a profession: “I have known for a LONG time that I wanted to be a teacher. I use to play ‘school’ with my sisters when we were younger. I was always the teacher. Also, I was fortunate enough to experience teaching when I was in high school. My senior year I spent two weeks teaching at a school called Safe Passage in Guatemala. I taught extremely underprivileged children. This experience was very eye opening and I knew that helping kids was what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to make a positive difference.

 Favorite Classroom Lesson:  “This is WAY too hard to pick! I love all lessons that create a welcoming, hands on, engaging lesson for my students. My favorite thing is to make school fun! I asked a few students what their favorite day was this year and these were their responses:”

 “My favorite part of the Harry Potter Day was potions class! We got to make pumpkin juice and drink it out of mini caldrons”

 “My favorite day was the Harry Potter Day. In the morning I got my letter to Hogwarts and walked through Platform 9 ¾. It really felt like I was going to Hogwarts!”

“My favorite day is whenever Mrs. Lewis reads aloud. She makes reading look fun. I like when she read us Harry Potter because there were more details than in the movie.”

 “My favorite day was Animal Day during Catholic Schools Week because we got to dress up as an animal and write about one. I like that Mrs. Lewis always dresses up too!”

“My favorite day was Decades Day during Catholic Schools Week. We had a 1950s themed party. We did math pretending we were at a 1950s diner. We also got to chew bubble gum, hula hoop, and learned how to do the hand jive.”

“My favorite day is any day we do STREAM! I really liked building houses out of gumdrops, frosting, and graham crackers. I love that it is always hands on!”

What do you like about teaching at DeSales: “The community at DeSales is unlike any other. I am truly blessed to work in such a giving, passionate, and caring environment. I love the support the administration, faculty, and families provide. “

Favorite food: “It is a tie between ice cream and tacos.” 


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