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In looking to develop 21st Century Learners the technology curriculum at DeSales Catholic School is infused in daily learning.  Students interact locally, nationally and internationally through a variety of different mediums, including laptops and I-Pads, to develop critical thinking skills. Some of the goals that DeSales students work toward include:

  1. Illustrate and communicate original ideas and stories using digital tools and media-rich resources.
  2. Engage in learning activities with learners from multiple cultures through e-mail and other
    electronic means.
  3. In a collaborative work group, use a variety of technologies to produce a digital
    presentation or product in a curriculum area.
  4. Use digital-imaging technology to modify or create works of art for use in a digital
  5. Recognize bias in digital resources while researching an environmental issue with guidance
    from the teacher.
  6. Describe and illustrate a content-related concept or process using a model, simulation, or concept-mapping software.
  7. Evaluate digital resources to determine the credibility of the author and publisher and the timeliness and accuracy of the content.