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Social Studies

Social Studies addresses the universal questions that each little mind struggles with at some point in their lives: Who am I? How am I a part of the world around me?  

Throughout their years at DeSales, students will explore their role in society. Early years are dedicated to exploration of their neighborhood and city with students learning about community servants (firemen and women, police officers and letter carriers), public services (libraries, utilities, etc.) and local customs. From these familiar beginnings students begin to move farther away from their “homes” to regions, states, countries, and, eventually, the world to explore and learn about life today.  

Upper elementary and middle school Social Studies then pushes students back in time to see exactly how we arrived where we are today. Themes such as belief systems, change, conflict, choice, culture, diversity, empathy, interdependence, imperialism, nationalism, and urbanization are examined and compared across the world to determine who we are, and what role we play in society.