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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of DeSales Catholic School oversees the management and administration of our school, consistent with our school's Philosophy and Mission Statement: "to be a learning community dedicated to providing an exceptional Catholic educational environment for all children."  

The Board is comprised of members with diverse talents, skills, and gifts, who possess a demonstrated interest and committed spirit for furthering the school’s philosophy and mission. The school’s Canonical Administrator serves on the Board in an ex officio capacity, along with Trustees who are elected to serve a three year term. The Board considers candidates seeking to become a Trustee in the spring of each school year. Anyone interested in becoming a Trustee is asked to complete a Board of Trustees application. May 1st is the deadline to submit applications to the current Board president for consideration in the upcoming school year. View the complete Board of Trustees Policy and Procedural Manual.

Standing Committees do the majority of the Board’s work. Each Committee is chaired by a Trustee. However, Committee membership is open to anyone interested in furthering the mission and vision of our school -- including parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, and community members.   If you would like to volunteer your time and talents to any Committee, please feel free to contact that Committee chair directly.

DeSales Strategic Plan

Board of Trustees 2018-2019

Mrs. Patricia Shea '83

Mrs. Carrie Miller '88
Board Member 
(716) 628-3231

Mrs.Jennifer Bohlman
Board Member
Mr. Michael Mullane '74
(716) 434-5378

 Mr.Tom Copeland
Board Member
(716) 870-1453

  Mr. Dan Stapleton
Board Member
(716) 439-7435 

Mrs. Kristine Ennis '75
Board Member
(716) 807-1658

Ms. Christine Stolzenburg '02
Board Member
(716) 213-3305 

Mr. Ryan Ennis '98
Board Member

 Fr. Walter Szczesny 
Canonical Advisor


Mrs. Tracy Farrell
Board Member
(716) 572-7400 

Mrs. Kristen Holdsworth '01
Board Member

Ms. Laura Kowalski
Board Member
(716) 807-2843 

 Sr. Roberta Thoen, SSMN 
Spiritual Life Chair
(716) 433-4423 

Ms. Stephanie A. Thurston
Board Member

Mr. Billy Vona '89
Board Member

 Mr. Jeff McCabe
Board Member
(716) 417-3553